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“The biggest impediment for ordering takeout is safety/cleanliness concerns, with 43.7% of consumers agreeing.” - Technomic Canada Coronavirus: Canadian Foodservice View

• Create a checklist for your guests. In addition to posting your takeout & delivery menu online, add the checklist to show your customers the steps you’ve taken.

“Communicating transparent health and safety policies as well as creating touch-free takeout options round out the top three influences (on consumers).” - Technomic Canada Coronavirus: Canadian Foodservice View

• Share your code of hygiene and safety on social media. Never before has social media been so important to get the word out to your guests and others.

5 easy ways to show restaurants the love

With even a little money in their budgets, diners can show restaurants their support. Here are just a few ways to let them feel the love:

#1. Order takeout via online platforms or directly from the restaurant
Whether it’s for #TakeOutWednesday or any other day of the week, why not let your favourite do the heavy lifting for dinner? Restaurants are not only preparing menu dishes but also putting together meal and cocktail kits. They may even be able to offer pantry products, baked goods, and other grocery items.

#2. Tip generously on your takeout & delivery orders
Even though you’re not eating in the restaurant, there are still staff working to prepare and deliver your order. They’re also cleaning premises regularly to ensure the safest conditions. They aren’t working from home; they’re working from foodservice establishments. A generous tip on your order can make a difference. Recently, one customer even added $100 to a takeout order! You don’t have to go that far, but consider topping up with a 20% gratuity.

#3. Purchase gift cards and vouchers, go for promos
Spend now, come back when the COVID-19 curve has been flattened. This goodwill gesture is a positive sign that you believe in the future of your favourite local eatery. Buy now, enjoy later!

#4. Forget the grocery store; why not shop from your favourite restaurant or farm shop?
Many restaurants and farm operations have added grocery and general stores to add revenue during the coronavirus pandemic. The food is fresh – sometimes from local growers – and available to you for curbside pickup or delivery. Many restaurants are even throwing in a roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer!

#5. Work your social media and stay in touch!
Show your favourite eateries the love via your social media accounts. Word of mouth through SM is still the best way to support local restaurants. Use your Instagram account to share photos from previous restaurant visits, add reviews and pictures on Facebook, make sure to tag restaurants, sign up for restaurants’ e-newsletters.

Restaurants are community champs

Many restaurants across the country are stepping up to help those who need food, groceries, pantry items, and other goods, such as food banks, and especially frontline healthcare workers with irregular, gruelling hours. Your kindness will be repaid tenfold when you reopen if you participate in these initiatives. One example – Feed the Frontlines – provides meals to frontline healthcare workers in Toronto. But there are many others available all over Canada who are making a difference.

It’s grill time!

Capture the thrill of the grill with creative grill kits available for takeout & delivery. A number of restaurants, such as national chain Earls, are recreating the hot grill experience so you can enjoy (a socially distanced, of course) backyard BBQ. Looking for BBQ favourites like steaks, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, fish & seafood, veggies, and all the trimmings? These kits have it all, and you don’t have to do anything...except maybe get out your apron and tongs. Don’t forget to throw in some wine and beer when you order!

LTOs make menus more interesting

Looking to add some excitement to your stay-at-home meals? How about ordering from restaurants offering Limited Time Offers? Operators who had LTOs in the pipeline may have held them back during the COVID-19 shutdown, but these special menu items are beginning to pop up as parts of the country begin to reopen for business. Check to find restaurants in your area offering new menu items and special LTOs.

Quick Bites

Play it safe inside restaurants - what you can do to help staff

We’re reading a lot about how hard restaurants are working to reopen safely so guests can once again enjoy a night out. But how about what you can do to help operators? Here’s a handy checklist to help restaurants offer the safest hospitality:

• Pre-order and pre-pay, if you’re comfortable with that option. Restaurants are trying to go as contactless as possible.

• Yes, please reserve. Walk-ins will be more difficult under the new rules.

• Book only for a small group of people. Restaurants won’t be able to accommodate large tables for the foreseeable future.

• Embrace the mask. Obviously, you can’t wear a mask while eating, but if possible, consider wearing one at other times.

• Sanitize when you enter the restaurant. Many restaurants will be setting up sanitizing stations. If there isn’t one, be sure to wash your hands before you set out.

• Take it outside! If your favourite restaurant has a patio, choose the outdoor option. It’s safer for everyone.

• Spread the word (not the germs). Let your friends know you went out to eat, and share the good news about your experience on social media. Restaurants need to feel the love.

For pertinent information regarding COVID-19 for foodservice operators see this lingk:

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